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Juanita Molano Parra

Juanita is originally from Bogota, Colombia, where she grew up and spent the first decades of her life. She loves numbers, is amazed by science and enjoys solving problems, which naturally lead her to become an engineer and pursue a career in Finance. She moved to NY to pursue her MBA at NYU Stern and with that she continued her CFO path, now in the US, working in Corporate Finance for different tech companies. While she enjoyed her job and the pleasure of getting lost in an Excel spreadsheet, Juanita often felt there was something missing. She also felt a calling to support people, listen to their stories and help them get un-stuck. This seemed to naturally align with coaching and, like many of us, she had her own stories telling her that was not the “right” path. At least not for now.

After her company in NY was shut down, Juanita moved to Indianapolis with her life partner and, while in between jobs, she was presented, yet again, with the opportunity to learn more about coaching. This time it lead her to start the Coaching and Leadership Training with Accomplishment Coaching (AC) in NY. After that everything changed. Once she got immersed in the world of coaching everything became clear: this was what she was meant to do in this life. Juanita also liked her new finance job, and really enjoyed the projects she got to lead, and she soon realized it was all just...Fine. Coaching on the other side was… Amazing.

Through coaching Juanita has developed herself at a personal and a professional level. She has discovered her true self and, in that, has shifted the way she is with others. In her daily life, this translates into authentic, loving and supporting relationships. Juanita has also owned her power. The way this reflects in her life is showing up with confidence, making choices that feel un-comfortable and taking actions that move her life in the direction of her dreams.

Juanita now leads her own practice as a Life Coach, working with business people looking to up level their leadership and, mostly, find meaning and purpose in their lives beyond their career. She is also a Program Coach with Accomplishment Coaching where she coaches and supports participants of their New York Leadership and Coaching Training Program. 

Juanita is fluent in Spanish, English and French. The first is her native language. The second she learned by watching lots of movies and TV shows, including but not limited to Friends, Dawson’s Creek and Gilmore Girls. The third she learned at school, attending a Lycée Francais in Bogota for 14 years. She loves travelling to new places and rediscovering known cities, and she treasures time spent with her family and friends. Juanita lives in Indianapolis, Indiana with her partner, Sam, and their cat, Dusty. On any given day you will find her catching up with friends over coffee, reading on a hammock or rallying through a fun workout.

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