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Praise from my clients

Working with Juanita has changed my life! I never considered working with a life coach but a friend recommended Juanita and I decided to give it a shot. Thank God I did!! Working with Juanita went beyond just having conversations about my struggles.  She challenged me to dig deeper into my feelings and my actions and with her guidance she helped me understand what was standing in the way of reaching the road to a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life. The work that we have done together has been a key contributor to redefining the way I approach life. Together we built a plan with a series of projects that helped me kick-start a practice of being more in charge of my life, of not letting the hecticness of the day-to-day cloud my priorities, of embracing vulnerability, of taking risks and of living my days with a more profound purpose.

My partnership with Juanita has helped me find a deeper understanding of what truly makes me happy and it has really empowered me to create that happiness for myself.  I am super grateful for having the opportunity to work with Juanita and I would recommend her to anyone that is considering the option of working with a life coach. Her genuineness, kindness, empathy, and ability to connect are some of her most valuable assets.  She is without a doubt a real "life changer"!! 

- Tania Martínez

At first, I was very skeptical of a coach. But Juanita explained to me that her philosophy on being a coach is helping people get out of their own way to achieve their goals. I think that's exactly what holds me back -- I get lost in my head. Having an outside person to ask you insightful questions, challenge your thinking, encourage you to take actions towards your goals, and hold you accountable is an incredibly powerful tool. Some of us lose that as adults without our parents; some of us never had that at all. Regardless, having someone who is invested in your success and wants to help YOU figure out a sustainable way to achieve it can do nothing but make your life better. I'm thankful for Juanita's openness, honesty, earnestness, and dedication to helping me become the person I want to be.

- Sukriti Nayar

Working with Juanita was a very enriching experience for my life. First, she challenged me to be the one to find the answers and she helped me understand that I can be responsible for what happens around me. Second, she gave me many tools I could use beyond our sessions and that I am still using today. Although it seems simple, the most important thing for me was my capacity to choose what happens in my life, meaning I no longer feel I “have to” do certain things and that was a major change in my life. Something else that has been instrumental in remembering who I am was finding out my Essence. This gave me back my self-confidence and allowed to further strengthen it.

-Paola Silva

This was my first experience working with a professional coach. My expectation was to untangle my interests and learn productive habits for my daily life. With Juanita I was able to achieve both in a short time. Even though I had specific interests, with her weekly sessions she allowed me to challenge many of the obstacles that were in the way and were key to my interests.

With Juanita you feel comfortable, she is nice, calm and knows how to keep a distance. She asks questions and helps you understand that the “why” and the “what for” are your choices for yourself. She is flexible with the schedules and the forms of communication.

Even though we only worked together for a couple months I liked it and I feel I took with me tools to apply. I also started a project that is now running, and I have to say she gave me the push to get organized and start it.

I did not continue with the coaching due to conflicting priorities. I had two specific projects and now that I have started them I want to move forward on my own. I do consider the option of doing coaching again, I see it as an ally. It may or may not be Juanita, but she definitely left me wanting to come back in the future.

- Maria P Escobar

Working with Juanita was an eye-opening and rewarding experience. She is very insightful and pushed me to articulate my goals, step outside my comfort zone and truly strive for the things I want. She is also extremely patient and compassionate, and I felt like our conversations were a safe space. I'm very grateful for the outcomes of my sessions with Juanita.

- Simonil Rustomji

Over the last few years I have been in a state of transition. I decided to leave my career as a lawyer to start a career in the fashion industry in New York City.

Juanita and I started talking a few months before I had to leave New York. At that moment I was not sure what my next step would be, whether returning to Colombia, with no clear plan, or go to Spain to do a master in Textile Design. I had many doubts, anxiety and fear around all the changes I had lived and the ones I was about to start.

During our sessions Juanita helped me take some distance from what I considered to be problems as a way to organize my ideas and find solutions. She also helped me discover my Essence, which had qualities I did not consider as my own before. Her guidance allowed me to see things with different eyes, from different perspectives.

I am also thankful for her help in organizing my time and taking action on in my day to day.

There is no doubt Juanita was a great support in these transitions.

I am very thankful.

- Maria Paula Nur

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