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I believe you are whole and you have everything within you to create the life you want. 

My name is Juanita and I support business leaders stop "shoulding" their lives and start living them. 


About you

So far you've been​

  • Trying to be perfect and you're tired of the performance

  • Doing what you were supposed to and you're missing meaning and purpose

  • Going from one thing to the next and you're exhausted and overwhelmed

  • Compromising family and friends for a career and you feel disconnected

  • Getting your worth from others (title, salary, recognition..) and you've lost site of who you are

Now you're ready to

  • Lead an authentic life

  • Follow your passion

  • Be intentional about your choices

  • Create and nurture strong relationships

  • Discover who you are at the core


If any of these resonate with you

About me

Throughout my life I found myself trying to be perfect and do the right thing. Back in Colombia I attended a Lycée Francais, graduated as an Industrial Engineer from Universidad de los Andes, and worked in Corporate Finance for a few years before moving to NY to get my MBA from NYU Stern and then continuing my corporate life in the US. I set up my career and my achievements as measure of my self-worth and lost sight of who I was.


It all started to change back in 2017 when I moved to Indianapolis, started a new finance job and decided to start a coaching and leadership training program. All these things that I held as my identity started to break, and I got to discover who I am beyond the recognition. I found the joy, love and creativity that is there no matter what. From there I also started following my own path and going for the things I want.


I have created my own business, and as a certified Life and Leadership coach, I support business leaders stop "shoulding" their lives and start living them. 

About Me

What my clients say

Juanita asks questions and helps you understand that the “why” and the “what for” are your choices for yourself

Having someone who is invested in your success and wants to help YOU figure out a sustainable way to achieve it can do nothing but make your life better

My partnership with Juanita has helped me find a deeper understanding of what truly makes me happy and it has really empowered me to create that happiness for myself.  

Let's Get Started

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