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3 Things: A Productivity Hack

Updated: Apr 19

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If you are anything like me, or the leaders and changemakers that come to me, you have big goals but little time. In the end you self-diagnose as a procrastinator. And try (really hard) to fix what your imperfections. Sound familiar?

Earlier this month, a brilliant client and business owner shared this truth bomb:

We typically overestimate what we can do in a week, but underestimate how much we can accomplish in a year.

Let that sit for a moment.

Whichever part is true for you, it’s likely getting in the way of you getting sh*t done.

I’ve struggled with (1) not owning my biggest dreams and (2) overcommitting myself despite my weekly goals.

So here’s what I’m doing (join me!):

1) Get real with yourself

What is it that you want? What could you create by the end of 2022 that would blow your mind? For extra support, use your Life Planter – it’s always there for you! Download it here.

2) Set your top 3 daily

What are the 3 top things that you need to get done today to move your goals forward? Write those 3 things on paper, and do them FIRST each day. I have been practicing this the last three weeks, and can tell you it’s made a huge difference not only on what I’ve gotten done, but also on how accomplished I feel at the end of the day.

Now jump in, and let me know how it goes.

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