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Embrace the Grey

Updated: Apr 19

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I frequently post challenges on Instagram. Things I’m practicing or topics I’m exploring – because yes, there is life outside of social media.

A recent one was about ‘embracing the grey.’ Or, going beyond the duality of the binary this or that. By holding multiple truths at the same time and exploring what lives in the intersection.

The Universe read my challenge and sent me plenty of opportunities to practice. 🤦🏽‍♀️ But I'm grateful! Because of these opportunities, I’ve stepped into a new level of my life, my relationships and my business.

1. Diagnosing

First of all, I noticed not only how often I thought in a binary way (either-or ☝🏽). But also how much it cost me. This second piece is just as important, because noticing the cost of joy, love, peace, health and connection is what encouraged me to practice something different.

2. Improving

Second, having to practice both-and ✌🏽 made me consider new possibilities:

  • Seeing the commonalities of seemingly exclusive things

  • Imagining what could happen if I went around or beyond obstacles

  • Opening up to different perspectives and finding the positive or new knowledge

If you were to practice embracing the grey, what could be different in your business? How might you move forward if you hold multiple things to be true at the same time – instead of pursuing a single one?

Practice! And let me know what you find out.

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