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  • Juanita Molano Parra

How to turn challenges into bite size steps

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One of my biggest challenges is being “in process.” I would often joke that I want to eat the cookies but just don’t want to make them (patience much?).

There are two specific ways in which this shows up in my life:

  • Trying to do A LOT at once, getting overwhelmed and burnt out

  • Aiming for drastic changes and reverting back out of fear

🤷🏽‍♀️ Trying to do a lot at once

I’ve learned to break BIG projects into smaller ones. How small? Well, how do you best operate? What balance of structure and flexibility do you need? You can set weekly milestones and feel into each day. Or, set very specific actions and when you take them, leaving less room for flexibility but also less room for doubt.

I created The Catalyst and gave myself only a couple weeks to plan the entire program (structure, content, messaging…). Truth is, it was way too much, and I was left confused, not knowing my next action) and discouraged – thinking maybe this was not the project for me. I took a step back and wrote out all the pieces I thought the program needed, grouped them by type of work (creation, research, communication, support), and assigned them a week to be done. And since I need flexibility in deciding what I do each day, I didn’t assign the task to specific slots (that always works against me in the end).

🔀 Aiming for drastic changes

I am all for change and transformation – it’s kinda my job. But many of my clients and I want to change too fast for our own capacity, resilience and self awareness. Think about change as going outside of your comfort zone: That’s where innovation, transformation, creation happens. But, It’s also where risk, uncertainty and doubt occur.

You want to get far enough that you are doing something different, but not too far that you’ll go ‘f*** to the no’ and run back to comfort.

💡 As you continue to stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone, you’ll expand your capacity, exercise your resiliency and deepen your self awareness.

As this happens, you’ll want to set new structures to support your new stage (self care rituals, business operations) and all this in turn will enable you in aiming for more changes and transformation going forward.

As you continue growing your business and expanding your leadership, take a look at one of your projects. What needs to be broken into more specific pieces? Where might you need to slow down? What additional support structures do you need?

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