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“Idea → Reality” Made Easy

Updated: Apr 19

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As a change-maker, business creator and leader, you know the path from idea → reality is rarely smooth. And for this reason, often not completed.

I have so many ideas that never see the light of day. Some because they were not good enough. And some simply because I got busy, confused, scared… Or all of the above.

Luckily, that was not the case with this newsletter. So, how was it different? I went back to basics:

1️⃣ Set an Intention

I got clear on the vision I have for Jump Coaching and the role of a newsletter in that larger vision.

2️⃣ Get Support

I discussed the idea with my coach (Annie Gelfand) and with my Unbounded Mastermind. And reached out to an expert (James from Nu Age Marketing) who knew a lot more about marketing and content than I do.

3️⃣ Define Clear Milestones

Together, we set short- and long-term goals for Jump Start and its impact on Jump Coaching.

4️⃣ Create a Plan

We established a week-by-week work plan to launch Jump Start.

5️⃣ Execute & Reassess as Needed

We took action and made adjustments as we went along.

Now to be clear, this is not a one-and-done. It seems like a list, but it’s more of a cycle.

As you take action, stuff will come up and get in the way. That’s a given.

Each time, you get to choose: stop or go back to basics. If the latter, reconnect with what you’ve defined and keep going.


The Basics:

  1. Set an intention or a vision

  2. Get support

  3. Define clear milestones (e.g. SMART goals)

  4. Create a plan

  5. Execute and reassess as needed

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