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  • Juanita Molano Parra

Lessons in Creativity from the World's Most Famous Band

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The past few weeks, I’ve been focused on creativity, teams and co-creation. All key things in any organization. And all things I personally find quite challenging.

Maybe that’s why I’m a solopreneur. 🤔

As it often happens, the insights I personally needed came from a different realm – The Beatles Get Back.

Disney released a 3-part documentary about their 1970 album Let It Be and their last ever live performance.

Two quick caveats:

  1. I like The Beatles but am not a dedicated fan. So pardon me if you’re a big fan and I mess some things up.

  2. The series is 8+ hours long, so it's a commitment.

The footage is a unique opportunity to see The Beatles as human. For me they’ve been larger-than-life icons. Seeing their day-to-day – with its ordinary events, the goofiness of friends gathering and the struggles of partnerships – re-humanized them.

The time and energy required to create their masterpiece was a reminder to be in process.’ Often, when I’m creating something new I get impatient. Obsessed with seeing results now. And I forget that any project – whether it’s art, business or self-love – requires time, energy and dedication. Just like Let It Be.

I saw how the band members interacted with one another. I admired their teamwork and co-creativity. The patience and presence required to integrate ideas from people across the team. The commitment to regroup over and over again – even after disagreements. The difference fun, flow and connection have in creation. And the need for self-care in creating a space that encourages it.

I’m still distilling all I got from the movie, but for now, I’m looking for new ways to approach creativity like the Beatles.

Subscribe to Jump Start to get insights like these in your inbox weekly.

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