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You're Dead to Me, Uncertainty.

Updated: Apr 19

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You’re a changemaker, business creator and leader. So, you understand that the unknown is a constant companion. How you deal with it is the difference between success and stuckness.

Here I want to make the distinction between two types of unknowns:

  1. The uncertainty of the situation itself

  2. The uncertainty of how to rebuild in the case of failure

Practicing #2 makes you feel more confident in facing #1. And, the more you face #1, the more you optimize #2.

This week, focus on building or adding to your “failure response toolkit.” To prepare for uncertainty, ask yourself:

  1. What are ways to rebound from failure?

  2. How can I own my mistakes?

  3. What/who helps me get through hard times?

  4. How can I strengthen my Self?

For me, this looks like:

  1. Journaling after any project to learn from it, regardless of the result.

  2. Check my shame and blame response. Take responsibility for what is mine.

  3. The people on my Square Squad, drinking tea, playing with Oracles and my cats, journaling.

  4. Learning more about my emotions. Allowing and feeling them.

This will expand your grounded confidence in facing the fear of the unknown: not only taking risks more often, but also coming out stronger on the other side regardless of the result.

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